Couple charged after letting 1-year-old play with handgun

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EVANSVILLE, IN - Two parents are getting some much deserved backfire for letting their 1-year-old daughter play with a handgun.

It shows the 1-year-old pointing the 40-caliber and even putting it in her mouth, as whoever is recording or watching, encourages her to say "pow" and "bang."

At no point in the video does anyone stop the child from playing with the gun.

Evansville police say the magazine was removed from the gun, but a bullet could have been in the chamber.

Cops found the video after they arrested the man whose voice is heard on the video, 19-year-old Michael Barnes, for allegedly attempting to sell a gun to an undercover cop.

The little girl's mother, 22-year-old Toni Wilson is charged with neglect, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, and allowing a child to posses a firearm.

Remember folks, kids are supposed to play with toys, not guns.  Apparently, some adults shouldn't be playing with kids.