Dog eats $23,000 worth of jewelry

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TULSA, Ok. - Dog food wasn`t on the menu for Sierra, a lab pup from Tulsa, Oklahoma. This pooch had something a little more shiny in mind. After leaving $23,000 worth of wedding rings unattended, Stephanie Lamb, Sierra`s owner, all but gagged when she saw her priceless jewels gobbled up by the family pet.

Talk about expensive tastes.

Lamb says, "I saw the dogs near the coffee table and remembered that I'd left my wedding rings sitting on the table last night."

Instead of waiting for all those rings to come out, and before the situation got any rougher, Stephanie took the "diamond-muncher" straight to the vet, vowing to get the wedding rings back.

But it wasn`t just rings doctors found in Sierra`s stomach.

Dr. Rodney Robards, who surgically removed the rings from Sierra, says, "She eats more than just rings I'm afraid. Once I got inside the stomach there were some rocks in there, there were, I can't tell if it was sticks or bones."

Once everything was retrieved, All were 'relieved' and Sierra pulled through like a million bucks.