AirAsia 8501 black boxes recovered, fuselage believed found

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PANGKALA BUN, Indonesia – More pieces to the AirAsia puzzle.

Searchers have recovered both so-called black boxes from Flight 8501.

The cockpit voice recorder is the latest recovery, a big find in terms of giving investigators a chance to hear what the flight crew was saying just before the crash.

The plane’s flight data recorder is in a lab in Jakarta for analysis. Its information should go a long way to giving investigators a clearer picture of what was happening to the plane when it crashed into the Java Sea on Dec. 28 during a flight from Indonesia to Singapore with 162 people aboard.

Another big find: the plane's main body, the fuselage.

Searchers think they found it northeast of where they located the tail section that contained the flight data recorder.

They also believe they will find many of the passengers inside the fuselage. So far, they’ve recovered only 48 bodies, some of them still strapped in their seats.

That leaves 114 still missing, and their family members still waiting for their loved ones to come home.