At least 28 dead, dozens hospitalized after drinking toxic liquor

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UTTAR PRADESH, India - At least 28 people are dead and dozens are fighting for their lives after drinking a batch of bootleg liquor in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Families of the victims say they were about 15 miles from the state capital when they became extremely ill from drinking toxic moonshine.

Officials say as many as 125 people are still in the hospital -- most of them in serious condition.

13 of the patients are on life support.

Sadly, people dying from drinking moonshine is a common story in India since the poor just can't afford to buy licensed alcohol.

In 2008, 180 people died after drinking poisonous moonshine in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

In this most recent case, police have arrested two men who they suspect made the drink with methanol, a chemical used in things like fuel and antifreeze.