Charlie Hebdo forgives terrorists, puts tearful Mohammed on cover

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PARIS, France – Tears and taunts in Paris, as survivors of last week’s Charlie Hebdo massacre introduced their next edition.

On the cover, the headline “All is Forgiven” above a crying Mohammed holding a sign that reads “Je suis Charlie”, “I am Charlie,” an unsubtle taunt to the terrorists who tried to silence their satire.

Three million copies turned up at newsstands around France, up from the usual 60,000 run.

From Egypt, the Muslim organization Dar al-Iftaa said the new cover is an “unjustified provocation” that will give extremists on both sides an opportunity to exchange violent acts that only the innocent will pay for.

Renald Luzier escaped the massacre because he was late for work.

He drew the cover cartoon, saying the character exists when he draws him.

All cartoonists draw like that when they are little kids, he said, adding that the terrorists used to be little kids, who later lost their sense of humor.

Also in Paris, more than a dozen New York City police officers arrived in uniform to show their support for the three French officers killed in last week’s terror attacks.

They joined thousands of people from around the world who still leave flowers and candles at makeshift memorials to the 17 victims of intolerance and hate.