Cold snap helping to fuel ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’

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Grego talks about seasonal affective disorder, that feeling of blah after the holidays that many end up feeling.

"If you just watched some or all of what was another great NewsFix and you're still feeling blah or sad, it might just be that sad, seasonal affective disorder.  It hits people when its grey and gloomy for days on end, and the cold temps don't help. We haven't seen the sun much around here lately. In the last 48 hours or so, I've had multiple conversations with friends and co-workers where everyday problems seem to have people more down in the dumps than usual. People are complaining more than usual. Blame a holiday hangover, which might figure in, but a change of season to winter can cause moodiness or depression and leave you feeling lethargic. A tweet from Keith Meurer says, 'Uphill battle here in Oregon Grego.. rough when sun isn't up when you get up, and is down before you leave work.' Winter sad symptoms according to the Mayo Clinic include irritability, problems getting along with other people, hypersensitivity to rejection, a heavy or "leaden" feeling in the arms or legs, oversleeping, appetite changes, especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates and the dreaded weight gain. But hang tough friend because the sun is forecast to shine soon! One way to beat sad is knowing you might be suffering from it.  Know you're not alone."