Dashcam video shows cop’s emotional outburst after shooting

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BILLINGS, Montana - Newly released dashcam footage from Montana shows an officer breaking down, struggling to cope, after fatally shooting an unarmed suspect last year. Officer Grant Morrison was overcome with emotion after the dramatic traffic stop. And now a jury has ruled that he was justified in the shooting.

Officer Morrison approached the car and asked the suspects to show their hands. When Richard Ramirez, 38, failed to follow directions in the backseat, Morrison opened fire. The officer shot Ramirez three times, killing him. An autopsy found Ramirez was high on methamphetamine at the time of the shooting.

Soon after the shooting, Officer Morrison was seen emotionally distraught. He told his colleagues, "I thought he was gonna pull a gun on me." Morrison is now back on duty after a jury cleared him of any wrongdoing.