Man caught smuggling 94 iPhones into China by strapping them to his body

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HONG KONG - So, how many guys does it take to smuggle 94 iPhones onto a plane? Apparently, only just one.. One Hong Kong man, strapped with 94 iPhones to his body tried to board a plane headed for China`s mainland.

Did he think he would actually make it through the metal detector with nearly $50,000 worth of phones attached to his body? Customs officials were already suspicious of the man since he appeared to be traveling light, but walked as if carrying a heavy load.

In semi-related airplane news, Delta took care of Chris O’Leary and another passenger, who were escorted by flight crew on their very own personal solo flight to New York. Something about long delays diverted the other passengers to different planes, so the duo ended up with the plane to themselves!

O’Leary took a selfie to commemorate the, possibly once in a lifetime, event. Wonde,r if his phone had to be in airplane mode. You know, so as not to bother other passengers when he did.