One dead in subway fires in Washington, DC, and New York City

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WASHINGTON, DC – Chaos for subway riders in Washington, D.C, when smoke filled the L’enfant Plaza Metro station tunnel Monday.

Passengers on a six-car yellow line train found themselves trapped with smoke coming in.

One person died, more than 80 people went to area hospitals, and more than 200 people evacuated, many of them with soot on their faces, some having trouble catching their breath after inhaling the smoke.

Investigators believe the smoke came from electricity arcing from the third rail about a thousand feet in front of the train.

In New York, fire investigators say there’s something fishy about an early morning three-alarm fire below Penn Station at a Long Island Railroad construction site.

“It’s in an area where nobody’s at, so in other words, we don’t know what the fire is, we don’t have a cause for the fire, so anytime we don’t have a cause for the fire, that becomes a suspicious fire,” said FDNY Chief James Leonard.

It took more than 150 fire fighters about three hours to put out the blaze.

Two fire fighters were hurt, and a lot of New Yorkers are figuring out different ways to get to wherever they’re going.