Fired country club bartender charged with threatening to kill House Speaker Boehner

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DEER PARK, Ohio – Speaker of the House John Boehner may need more than a big gavel to beat off his latest opponent.

Ohio police say Michael Hoyt, also known as “Bartender Mike”, confessed to wanting to kill Boehner.

But he says it wasn’t his idea.

Bartender Mike says Satan started talking to him through his car’s speakers after he got fired from his bartending job at the Wetherington Country Club in West Chester Township, Ohio where the speaker is a member.

Bartender Mike also claimed Boehner is Satan, but apparently not the same Satan that talked about the speaker through the speakers.

Cops also say he blamed Boehner for Ebola.

When cops went to his house, he told them he was Jesus Christ.

He also said he could have poisoned Boehner’s wine at any time over the years. Instead, they say he told them he was going to kill Boehner with a Beretta .380 automatic because Boehner had been mean to him.

Boehner's wife, Debbie apparently received emails with Bartender Mike because he couldn’t get Boehner’s address.

Boehner didn’t have much to say when asked about the possible plan to kill him, other than to say “Can’t make this stuff up.”

Now, not only does Boehner have to watch his political back, but he also will have to take a long, hard look at his next shot.

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