Pothole on Houston’s southwest side is shredding tires

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HOUSTON, Texas -- Today`s tire shredder isn`t new to those who live near by. This Pothole Of The Day is located on Meadowglen Lane near Walnut Bend Lane, in Houston`s Southwest side.

According to residents, they`ve been dealing with it for years.

"It`s been this bad, it`s been worse, it`s been patched, it`s been fixed but there`s no permanent solution," explained Jennifer Schultz who deals with it daily.

It`s so bad, it seems like the road is just disintegrating, though many drivers find creative ways to avoid the fracture.

"My neighbor broke her axle, my tire on my right driver's side has been blown out twice because of this pulling in."

The message couldn`t be simpler. "I want to see it fixed, I don`t want to break my car down or somebody else`s car," Schultz implored.

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