Secret Service cleans house after scandals

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — Top Secret Service officials are out of their jobs following months of scandal at the law enforcement agency, sources said on Wednesday.

Four senior officials — responsible for investigations, technology, protections and public affairs — are being asked to leave their posts, though they could still technically stay with the Secret Service, a person at the agency said.

The four officials identified by the source: Dale Pupillo, Jane Murphy, Paul Morrissey, and Mark Copanzzi.

A fifth official, assistant director Vic Erevia, is retiring, though the agency said his retirement is unrelated to the problems the Secret Service has been facing.

The Secret Service was beset with problems at the end of last year after security breaches at the White House and on President Barack Obama’s detail. The worst example came when a man armed with a small knife made it through the North Portico door and into the White House residence.

The episode caused consternation among lawmakers, who demanded the agency’s director testify on Capitol Hill. That director, Julia Pierson, was soon out, replaced by the former head of Obama’s protective division, Joe Clancy.

The departures were first reported by The Washington Post.

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