To glasses or not to glasses; that is the question

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Grego gives his take on whether or not Governor Rick Perry should be wearing glasses or not in the his official portrait in Austin.

"You might find it hard to believe there's a debate in Austin over Governor Rick Perry wearing or not wearing his glasses for the official portrait. If you wear glasses, you understand that while you may like the stylish frames you pick out that the mirror, mirror and the cute sales person says look good on you, new headgear will elicit opinions from people used to seeing you without them even when you don't ask them. Like when I wore these a month or so ago, one time for a closing comment. I get an email asking 'What's with the glasses? Are they for show?" From Simon says, "Hey what happened to Grego?" Someone else said, 'I think the glasses put a wall between you and you.' Really, do you think so? Not nerd swag or hipster,  just trying to see!! I pay for a vision plan! It's like your identity changes - for everyone else - when it's really still you - confidently, evolving. Then again for Perry, maybe it really is about trying to change his identity so if he runs for president again people won't associate the glasses wearing, studious looking-Perry with all the stupid things that no glasses wearing Perry has said over the years. So, in that case, I say no glasses for the official portrait, Governor."

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