Toddler helps police rescue him after mom’s car is stolen with him inside

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OGDEN, Utah - Three-year-old Aiden of Ogden, Utah is back in his mother's arms after helping police find him just moments after someone stole a car with him inside.

Ogden police say Aiden's mom, Elizabeth Barrios, was dropping off another baby at daycare and left her son in the backseat of the car while it was running.

That's when a suspect drove off with her car.

Barrios told cops that she left her cell phone in the car and that her son knew how to use her password to unlock it.

"I immediately called it hoping to get somebody," said Officer Mark Smith of Ogden Police.

And he did.

Aiden answered and told police that he was alone in the parked car.

Police believe the thief got away on foot.

So cops told Aiden to lock the doors and start honking the horn.

An officer heard it and found him minutes later.

"I'm glad we found him as fast as we did," said Elizabeth Barrios.

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