Wife cuts husband’s penis off, twice!

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Fan Lung, 32, is a father of five, so it's safe to say the guy knows about getting down in the bedroom. However, his skills with the ladies got him into a huge mess, and ended up making him less of a man.

Fan's wife apparently found a steamy email between Fan and his girlfriend on her cell phone.

So, his wife grabbed a pair of scissors, stormed into their bedroom where he was sleeping, and cut his penis off.

With a stroke of luck, Lung was rushed to the hospital where doctors were able to save the appendage and sew it back on. However, Lung's wife snuck into the recovery room and chopped his penis off again, throwing it out the window this time.

Cops say a stray dog or cat probably snatched it up, so his member wasn't found a second time. Mrs. Lung is now in police custody for causing grievous bodily harm.


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