Admiring the “thrill seeker” personality

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Grego gives his two cents on those who have the  "thrill seeker" personality.

"Have we become too safe? Afraid to 'break ourselves' for lack of a better descriptor? I really admire the type-T for 'thrill seeker' personality types. Two dudes, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are free climbers who, in a first, scaled Yosemite`s El Capitan`s 3,000 foot vertical rock-face with nothing but some rope which is crazy! Outdoor adventure reality TV often shows people on screen doing unbelievably dangerous things, but it is so cool. Extreme sports, skydiving, survivalists, living off the grid, naked, pushing the boundaries of whats humanly possible. They face danger head on. What drives these people to do what most of us never would? They're more than adrenaline junkies. Research says they`re born this way, with chemical dopamine receptor genes in the brain linked to risk-taking behavior. Entrepreneurs, CEOs and inventors are often wired this way. I had a doctor tell me once, you really wanna get high then go rock climbing. I can`t, but thanks to GoPro cameras it's almost like being there, but not. Note though that these folks have a dark side, too, by getting bored easily so they can be prone to addictions. I`m not suggesting we go out tomorrow and risk our lives, but I think there`s an argument that we have become too safe, and obese, causing us to shy away from new adventure. Perhaps we could stand more physical activity, challenge ourselves more. and it just might prove beneficial in many areas of life."