Boko Haram using kidnapped girls as walking bombs, experts say

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MAIDUGURI, Nigeria – It now looks like the Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria have found new weapons in their unholy war, or at least that’s what the experts say.

And that would be kidnapped children. Girls, to be exact. Forced to strap bombs to their bodies and become living, walking weapons of mass destruction.

Three girls, as young as ten, blew themselves up over the weekend, in two separate, deadly attacks.

Children seem to be the latest weapons of choice for terrorists.

A video, said to be released by ISIS, is supposed to show a boy, about ten years old, executing two Russian spies.

There is some level of doubt, though, considering the professional touches like slow motion, a clean and attractive boy, and the fact that the video shows no blood as with other ISIS executions.

Even so, it proves the jihadist terror group has no problem using children for fear and propaganda.

But that’s nothing new for ISIS thugs who call the kids the "cubs of the caliphate". Their videos show how they train the kids in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of automatic weapons.

Apparently, the ISIS brand of Islam has a different definition for child abuse. Last year, an Australian father took this photo of his son holding a severed head.

Children losing their innocence, and eventually their lives, in fulfilling what the adults tell them is the will of God.