Caught on camera: beauty salon in Detroit robbed at gun point, suspects on the loose

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DETROIT, Michigan - A day of pampering turned into a nightmare for customers at a hair and nail salon in southwest Detroit, and It was all caught on surveillance video.

Two armed robbers walked into the salon and one of them fired a shot as soon as he made his way inside.

"The round was fired in the direction of children, it could have easily ricocheted and struck somebody," said Sgt. Manny Gutierrez of the Detroit Police Department.

One woman was forced to draw the shades and fill up a backpack with everyone's belongings. For whatever reason, these guys weren't in much of a hurry since the video shows that the robbery took about eight minutes.

"These guys took their time, it seemed thought out, they were there a long time almost as if they had been in there possibly before," Gutierrez said.

Detroit authorities are still looking for the suspects.