Woman tackles burglar after he breaks into her home

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GREENSBORO, North Carolina - A North Carolina woman is being hailed a hero after she came across two burglars in her home and took matters into her own hands. The woman isn't being identified for her safety, but we'll call her Mariah.

Mariah came home one day and reportedly found a man parked in her driveway in a van. She knew something was up, so she snapped a picture of his license plate. That's when another man ran out from her house. Mariah noticed he had something in his hands. Turns out, it was her jewelry box. But instead of being scared, Mariah said she got angry because the jewelry box was sentimental to her. Her father made it for her back in 1984.

That's when Mariah leaped into action. She said she tackled the man to the ground and fought him. The two struggled for a bit, but the man was able to eventually wiggle his way from Mariah's arms. He ran off and made his way into the van with his partner in crime and the two took off. But because Mariah jotted down the license plate number and had a very close encounter with one of the suspects, police say they were able to track them down.

The two men, Jamie Chappell and Joshua Smith were arrested and charged. Police say they, also, found other stuff in their possession that may have been stolen.

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