Miami cops used photos of black men as target practice

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MIAMI, Florida - Bullets may not have names on them, but here's a case where they were assigned to a person's face, all for the sake of target practice.

The North Miami Beach Police is catching a load of controversy for using photos of real people on targets in a weapons training facility. Specifically, they have been using photos of only black people.

Last month, Florida National Guard Sgt. Valerie Deant saw her brother's face as a target when she went in to shoot a few rounds at the Medley Police Firearms Training Center.

Deant's brother, Woody, was arrested for a deadly drag race in 2000. Turns out, the same police department who arrested him was using his mug.

Woody's sister says she noticed the bullet-torn target when she came in after a team of cops finished a training session. Woody's photo wasn't the only one. Five other black men were on the page that was printed and stuck on the target.

North Miami Beach Police Chief, J. Scott Dennis says the photos are used as facial recognition, and they use a variety of races and range of photos.

The chief stands behind his team and vows no policies were violated and no racial profiling was involved.

Though none of the officers will be disciplined, Dennis says the department could have used better judgment.