Preparing for the Leap Second could cause computer chaos

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Looks like we'll all have a little extra time on our hands in 2015. That's because the international time keepers in Paris, are going to make this year a little longer by exactly one second.

It's called a Leap Second and we're going to be getting one this June 30. But before you start making plans with this extra time, some experts warn this little second could cause some major computer chaos.

Leap Seconds are nothing new. Just like a Leap Day, they're added every once in a while to allow the Earth's spin (which has been "gradually" slowing down) to catch-up with the atomic clock. The problem is that computers are (you can say) very set in their ways and messing with time can throw them into a panic.

The last time a Leap Second was added in 2012. Mozilla, Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp and Linkedin all reported problems. And as more computers and servers sync up with atomic clocks, these problems could increase in number.

Of course, computer programmers have time on their side and will hopefully resolve any possible issues with updates. So make sure you keep-up with the latest version of your software. Before you run out of time.