Saudi Arabia building 600-mile wall to keep ISIS out

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SAUDI ARABIA - As if all of this ISIS terror hasn't put an emotional wall between the militant group and the rest of the world, Saudi Arabia is now getting physical to keep them away.

The Saudis are planning to build a 600-mile wall along its northern border with Iraq.

Word on the block is this physical boundary is to help protect the "Two Holy Mosques" of Mecca and Medina.

Sounds like someone tore this idea from an ancient Chinese history book.

The Great Wall of China was built to in the 7th century to defend the Chinese Empire from the Mongolian and Manchu enemies to the north.

That's become China's biggest and most popular tourist destination by the way, but don't count on the wall the Saudi's are building to be a vacation spot anytime soon.

Construction of Saudi Arabia's "Great Wall" began last September and will have watchtowers, night-vision cameras, radar, five layers of fencing, and 30,000 troops.

Talk about covering all sides.  These security measures are an addition to the one-thousand-mile border with Yemen to the south.

As the ISIS crisis continues, the wall could become a cornerstone in history, as long as ISIS doesn't cross the line first.