In the line of fire: Arizona cop’s body cam captures fatal shooting

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Warning, this video could be graphic for some viewers.

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona --  The Flagstaff Police Department, fulfilling a media records request, released the body camera video that captures some of the last moments of Officer Tyler Stewart's life.

Stewart was killed after Robert Smith, a domestic violence suspect, shot him multiple times on December 27, 2014.

Deputy Chief Walt Miller said Officer Stewart's family was aware the video was being released. Miller also said the command staff allowed Stewart's fellow officers to view the video in its entirety if they wanted to.

"We felt that it was the right thing to do to let our employees, our officers, view the video and hear firsthand from our investigators and command staff what happened before they saw it on the news," Miller said.

The video shows Officer Stewart walking up to Robert Smith's house and asking him to come outside.

Smith agrees but returns to a room in the home before he walks outside.

Officer Stewart then asks, "Do you have any weapons in your pocket or anything like that?" To which Smith replies, "No, Sir, I'm just cold."

The two then talk outside about the incident that brought Officer Stewart there to begin with, an allegation of a domestic violence incident that had occurred the day before.

"There was no indication that he was walking into a very dangerous situation. He simply needed to contact this suspect, get an interview, ask some very simple questions," said Deputy Chief Miller.

Indeed. the conversation is mundane and goes on for about three minutes or so before things escalate in a matter of seconds.

"Mind if I just pat down your pockets real quick, you don't have anything in here?" Officer Stewart asks. Smith replies, "No, no, no."

It's during that exchange that Smith pulls a gun out of his coat pocket and  shoots Stewart.

The Flagstaff Police Department said they will continue to review the video.

"We will look at the video more closely and have future conversations among the command staff on how to move forward and possibly take some training cues away from this. What that is specifically I don't know at this point," said Deputy Chief Miller.

Shortly after shooting Stewart, Smith, 28, took his own life. Officer Stewart was 24-years-old. He had been on the department for less than a year.