Los Angeles woman launches Kickstarter, selling tattoo space on her body

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LOS ANGELES, California - Some artists are known for their impressive body of work, but one artist in Los Angeles is looking to turn her body into a piece of work.

Illma Gore,  22, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $6,000 for 60 hours worth of tattooing. She's letting donors use her body as their own little canvas for her "latest art exhibition."

For just $10, Gore says she'll get the donor's name tattooed on her leg. With a $100 dollar donation, donors can design a tattoo that will go on her body.

"It will annoy people or make them happy or make them smile. Either way, that's what art's supposed to do," Gore said.

As crazy as it sounds, her campaign has more than 400 supporters and she's even surpassed her goal by raising more than $11,000.