Air rage has become an outrage in China

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BEIJING, China – Anyone who has done any flying lately has probably seen some outrageous stuff during the flight, and some of that outrage is air rage.

But in China, the problem with air rage is getting out of hand.

Sometimes, the fists start flying before the plane does. It's the Chinese version of getting your ticket punched.

One Chinese guy’s rant about cabin service blew up into a threat to blow up the plane. Even his girlfriend got in on the act by throwing hot water on a flight attendant.

And then, earlier this month, some crazy mad passengers opened the plane’s emergency exits as the plane was leaving the gate. Understandable to be anxious to get out since the plane was seven hours late, but still . . .

Things have gotten so outrageous that China’s government put out a guide on how to be a civilized tourist.

Some of China’s new rich are going to finishing school where they learn not only table etiquette, but also travel etiquette.

China’s airline and tourism industries have really taken off this century, and some of the new travelers haven’t developed the patience to deal with the usual travel headaches, like delays and pushy, smelly passengers.

Aviation experts expect china to become the world’s top airline market in the next 20 years, meaning more flights, more flight delays, more pushy passengers, and more ticket punching on and off the plane.

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