Bethenny Frankel planning to launch “SkinnyGirl Marijuana”

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NEW YORK, NY - Real Housewives of New York star and creator of Skinnygirl Cocktails, Bethenny Frankel, is planning to launch a line of 'Skinnygirl Marijuana.'

It's supposed to be a specially engineered strain of pot that won't cause the munchies. This probably explains why Frankel was spotted checking out marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

On December 20, she tweeted: "OMG it's the craziest thing to see marijuana legal in Aspen. People walking into pot stores like it's the Gap. #prohibitiondone."

Of course, her product would only be available in states where marijuana is legal: Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

So, will her weed keep stoners skinny or is it just a pipe dream? Either way, it's a dope idea.

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