Cameroon troops free some Boko Haram captives taken in cross-border raid

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YAOUNDE, Cameroon –  Nigeria’s pedophile terrorists known as Boko Haram have struck again.

This time kidnapping 80 people from villages in northern Cameroon near the border with Nigeria. Authorities say 50 girls and boys between the ages of 10 and 15 were in the group.

Observers say this is Boko Haram’s largest kidnapping in Cameroon. And now there’s word Cameroon troops followed the Boko Haram attackers and freed 24 captives.

Authorities estimate Boko Harmam has killed as many as 13,000 people in its six-year fight to set up an Islamic state in Nigeria, but they don’t have a good idea of how many children, particularly girls, the terrorists have kidnapped.

Some girls who have escaped describe how Boko Haram rapes the girls or sells them as slaves or as wives to older men.

Meantime, more than 250 of the approximately 300 girls kidnapped from their school in April are still missing, despite an international flurry of tweets from first lady Michelle Obama, political figures, and celebrities using the hashtag “BringBackOurGirls.”

Meantime, ISIS released about 250 Yazidis held for several months in Iraq, most of them old and sick and showed signs of abuse. Authorities believe ISIS released the Yazdis because it became too expensive to keep them.

Authorities, also, don’t know why ISIS didn’t kill them instead, but, for sure, no one is complaining.

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