Houston celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with two parades

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HOUSTON, TX - It was a great day for a parade, or in this case two! It's been going on for years now, and 2015 is no different. Two Houston groups held their own Martin Luther King Day parades in Houston. At the same exact time and in relatively close proximity to each other.

The 37th annual "Original" MLK Parade kicked off in downtown at 10 am. Just a short distance away in midtown, the 21st annual MLK "Grande" Parade also got underway at 10 am.

Houston resident Anirita Carter says, "As long as we all out here celebrating the Martin Luther King holiday, it's a great thing so it don't matter which parade you go to, as longas you celebrate the holiday."

Jay Houston added, "Houston is so big, maybe it's a good idea to have two parades so it won't be so congested. but as long as they are getting the message, it shouldn't really matter at all."

To some, having two parades makes sense. Still many find that Dr. King's message of unity gets lost in translation by having two competing parades.

Houstonian Gary Moore says, "He stood for unity and dividing the parades, I think that's not right. they should have had them together and bring everybody together."

Shawn Rose adds, "Maybe the times pushed off so we could be able to catch both parades."

No matter which parade you attended, friends and families gathered together to celebrate the life of a great man. If remembering the past and celebrating the life of Dr. King is what this day is all about, Houston has got that covered two-fold.

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