Husband paints 75-ton tow truck pink for wife battling cancer

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SASKATCHEWAN PROVINCE, Canada -- The christening of a big pink tow truck is just one more way that Graham Warner is lifting his wife's spirits.
Dionne Warner has been diagnosed with cancer eight times in the past 20 years.

The bright pink, 75-ton tow truck is just one of the ways that Graham is supporting Dionne's recovery. After 20 years, the couple has become pretty good at coming up with creative ways to battle the deadly disease.

Dionne's got buckets of costumes she and her hubby wear to chemotherapy. It's become their way to cope with the 130 treatments she's gone through in just the past five years.

Dionne says the costumes snowballed into the various themes they've created throughout the years.

That doesn't mean it's been easy, however. Dionne says, "It's breast cancer first, then brain cancer, then four bouts now of liver cancer, cause this is my fourth diagnosis of liver cancer, then I've had the bone cancer and I've had lung cancer."

If love concurs all, then Dionne has a pretty good shot of conquering her cancer.


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