Prepping for inauguration day in Austin

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Tomorrow is the big day. Last week, Texas said goodbye to the 14-year reign of Rick Perry as governor, and tomorrow the Lone Star state will say hello to our new governor,

Elected last November, Greg Abbott is about to get quite the hello on Tuesday.

John Wittman with the Texas Inauguration Committee says, "We're expecting about 4,000 people to be seated along with thousands spread across the ground. Immediately following that we expect a barbecue where we expect about 17,000 people for that. There will be the parade from 2:00-4:00 and we expect thousands along the street of Congress."

Fundraisers raised upwards of 4.5 million dollars for this little shindig, so it better be awesome. It`s not Abbott`s day alone because Lieutenant Governor-elect Dan Patrick will be swearing his oath tomorrow, too. People around the capital city are feeling the excitement.

Dale Newman says, "We're coming down super early tomorrow so we can get a good seat to see the inauguration. It's pretty cool. It's our first time. I've lived in Texas all my like but this is first time I actually see the capital building."

Kelly McCarthy adds, "This is kind of fun to see a little bit of Texas history in the making. to see the pomp and circumstance, and to see Texas government at work."

But not everyone in Austin is thrilled about tomorrow's activities.

Thomas Demoss says, "I would rather be here for someone else like maybe Wendy [Davis], but I'm still very excited for our state to have another governor. Hopefully successful because I know over the years he could help us out.
But all in all it looks to be a real good time, regardless of politics, and hey Lady Antebellum and Pat Green are headlining, so it's got to be good.



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