Reality star hit and killed by train

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BURBANK, California -- It is a shocking hit. Fitness model and reality star Greg Plitt is dead. He was struck by a train in Burbank on Saturday, while cameras were rolling.

Investigators are now trying to figure out why the Bravo star would have been shooting on busy train tracks. Apparently suicide has been ruled out, and he's done this kind of thing for fitness videos before.

The retired U.S. Army Ranger Captain and fitness guru broke into television through "Workout," Bravo's reality series about fitness trainers and models in California. By then, he was a known commodity in the fitness world who regularly graced the covers of fitness magazines, offering tips on how to carve killer abs and pack on muscle in minutes.

Witnesses say the 37-year-old was standing on the tracks even as the passenger train's horn was blaring. Some say it's possible he thought he was on a parallel track.

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