Thieves use truck to smash through store, steal ATM

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HUMBLE, Texas - A group of suspected thieves is facing charges after allegedly trying to steal an ATM. Police in Humble, just north of Houston, say the gang of five used a stolen pickup to smash through the front window of a Shell gas station just after 2:00 am. The store was open at the time and, incredibly, no one was hurt. The suspects apparently loaded the ATM into the bed of the pickup and sped off.

Luckily for police, a tow truck driver saw the heist happen and followed the suspects. The witness was able to tell the cops exactly where the thieves took the cash machine. Police surrounded the home and found the ATM in the middle of the living room. Police say one of the suspects tried to hide in the attic but ended up falling through the ceiling. Investigators did not say whether the thieves got any money out of the machine.

The heist ended the way most ATM transactions do. A withdrawal of suspects and a deposit in jail.