Mother speaks about toddler killed in gun accident

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PHOENIX, Arizona -- Jessica Tappan is living a mother's nightmare. Last summer, her son, Uriah, then two years old, shot and killed his 18 month-old brother.

"It's the most horrific thing a mother could go through."

Tappan and her boys were in a neighbor's home when Uriah found a loaded and cocked gun, and accidentally shot his brother, Mattius.

"I seen him fall to the floor and I go pick him off and I can still hear the ringing in my ears. That's how close I was."

Unable to work due to seizures and a degenerative disease, Jessica moved her family to Phoenix after the shooting for a fresh start.
She lives on food stamps and now struggles with PTSD.

"Major reminders of me screaming at the door of that apartment, blood all over me."

But her maternal instinct to give her son the best life she can is keeping her going.

"It's been a big struggle trying to stay joyful during this time with my three-year-old. That's my main concern is to wake up and take care of him every day."

Her son Uriah doesn't understand what happened that day. He knows his brother is in heaven, and he knows he needs his mother.

"I just want my son to have a stable life. I don't want him to have to go through any pain that I'm going through. Thank God he's happy, That's my main goal in life is for him to be in a happy and joyful environment."

A chilling reminder to ask if there's a gun in a home you or children may be visiting.

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