Best NBA fans ranked; Houston not in Top 10

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HOUSTON, Texas — Perhaps it’s not surprising that there’s no such thing as fair weather in Miami.

At least as far as basketball fans are concerned.

According to Forbes‘ list of best fans in the NBA, the Heat are number one. And as you browse the list from there, it’s easy to notice who’s unmistakably not there. Houston.

  • 1. Miami Heat
  • 2. Oklahoma City Thunder
  • 3. San Antonio Spurs
  • 4. Chicago Bulls
  • 5. Los Angeles Lakers
  • 6. Boston Celtics
  • 7. (tie) Dallas Mavericks
  • 7. (tie) Indiana Pacers
  • 9. Portland Trail Blazers
  • 10. Los Angeles Clippers

It’s hard to say whether we’re letting the Rockets down, or they’re doing it to us. Either way, when it comes to criteria like TV audience, arena attendance, merchandise sales and social media there seems to be room for improvement.