Caught on cam: Man fatally shot by New Jersey police during traffic stop

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BRIDGETON, New Jersey - In New Jersey, dashcam video shows a couple of men being pulled over for running a stop sign.  Things quickly turned deadly after a Bridgeton police officer shot a passenger.

It appeared to be peaceful until the cop identified as Officer Braheme Days, claims to see a gun in the car, and he then seems to go into panic mode.

"Get'em out the car Rog.  We got a gun in this glove compartment," Officer Days said on the video.

Officer Days threatens the passenger, Jerome Reid before opening fire.

Days tells Reid, "You reach for something you gonna be (explicit) dead!  I'm telling you!"

Reid appears to have his hands up, in front of his chest while getting out of the car, as he was told, when Officer Days pulls the trigger several times.

The other cop, Officer Roger Worley, fired one shot at Reid from the opposite side.

Both officers involved in the shooting are on leave while it all gets sorted out.

Sadly, another case of a seemingly trigger-happy cop leaves another family in mourning.

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