Feds not expected to file civil rights charges against Ferguson police officer

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FERGUSON, Missouri – Not too many weeks ago, protesters around the country marched through cities and towns, sometimes fighting with police. They were demanding justice for the family of Michael Brown, the unarmed teenager shot to death by police officer Darren Wilson last August in Ferguson, Missouri .

Now, it looks like the US Justice Department will not recommend civil rights charges against Wilson. Officials say the FBI found no evidence to support claims that Wilson violated Brown’s civil rights.

But the federal investigations are not over.

The FBI is still looking into allegations of excessive force and discriminatory traffic stops by members of the mostly white Ferguson police department in the mostly African-American community.

And while the feds look into what the cops have done, St. Louis County police hope the release of a video will lead to the arrests of some of these hooligans who broke into a market and looted the place.

Cops say more than 180 people took part in the after-hours shopping spree during one of the many protests for justice.

The irony being that one person’s justice ends up being another person’s loss.

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