Michigan man beats girlfriend with a puppy

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KALAMAZOO, Michigan - A man beating his wife or girlfriend is awful enough. How about a man beating his wife or girlfriend with an animal?

According to the Kalamazoo County prosecutor's office, Timothy Tucker, 51,  beat his girlfriend last November with a two-week-old puppy.

The girlfriend survived the beating, but the puppy didn't make it.

Kalamazoo prosecutor Jeff Getting said, "Due to the level of violence in Mr. Tucker's prior criminal history, we thought that prison was an appropriate consequence."

Tucker was sentenced to six months in jail, and he'll be going to a rehab program after he's released. Tucker is no stranger to the law. His rap sheet includes domestic violence cases, writing fake checks and fleeing police.

Now, add this unheard-of dog beating and it looks as if he's actually the animal.

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