Pothole on southwest side of Houston keeps getting bigger

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HOUSTON, Texas -- This pothole is so bad, someone took the time to put a construction cone in it, to warn motorists to avoid it.

"They have the barricade lying inside of it, that ought to show you how deep it is," said Shane Johnson.

Today`s "Pothole Of The Day" is located on Fondren near W. Bellfort in southwest Houston. This road is just falling apart. Looking at it, one has wonder just how far it might go, and how it got so bad.

In the middle lane of a busy city street, it causes traffic to part as cars approach it. It's a  hazard to cars and their passengers.

"Last week I hit that hole and flattened two of my tires. I had to fix two of my rims on the hole right there," explained Gerald Montrel.

According to residents, this ginormous crater has been here for months and gets progressively bigger,and as we've seen with other potholes, a public works truck drove right past it.

"It`s the last thing you need when you`re trying to get somewhere in a commute and then all of a sudden you got to deal with a tire or a rim issue," according to Johnson.

We`ve heard it before, and we`re hearing it from drivers again;

"I know there`s a lot of potholes in our city but can you please come take care of this one. It`ll ruin a vehicle just like that," added Johnson.

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