Study determines the riskiest sex positions for men

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CAMPINAS, Brazil – Falling is one way to hurt yourself in the bedroom. Another, believe it or not, is during sex. A study published by researchers in Brazil lists some of the riskiest ways a guy can break the lead in his pencil.

The doctors looked at 13 years of medical records of guys who went to the hospital after suffering a penile fracture. They found that the traditional “man on top” position accounted for 21 percent of the bad breaks.

But the “woman on top” position was responsible for half of all injuries to the man’s little man.

Researchers also discovered that two-thirds of all breaks came during sex between men and women, with almost ten percent the result of same-sex couplings.

Aggressive self-attention, also, accounted for about 10 percent of the injuries.

And nearly 10 percent of guys said they didn’t know how it got broken. It might have been broken when they found it.

The good news is that if you get to the hospital, and not wait around out of embarrassment, doctors can fix the thing, leaving you good as new, until the next time.

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