Texas listed among the highest states with STDs

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HOUSTON, Texas -- The Centers For Disease Control compiled data about sexually transmitted diseases for 2013, listing the states by number of cases per 100, 000.

Texas ranked outside of the top 10, by coming in at number 11.

Per 100,000 residents, the Lone Star State had 498 cases of chlamydia, 129 cases of gonorrhea and six cases of syphilis. Not too shabby considering Texas is the second most-populated state in the nation.

The state that finished atop the rankings might be a shocker. With 946 reported STDs per 100,000, the state that has less than 800,000 residents - first prize goes to Alaska, but then again, their options for recreation are limited in the middle of winter.

So, place found to be the most safe is New Hampshire where they had a combined number of 247 cases  per 100,000 people.

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