YouTube stars interview President Obama at White House

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Following the snarks and giggles from nay-sayers at President Obama's State of The Union address, Obama isn't done talking.

Instead of chatting from a stuffy podium, the president sat down with people you may recognize. Three YouTube stars, Hank Green, the 'Queen of YouTube,' Glozell Green, and Bethany Mota got to have one-on-one interviews with Obama at the White House.

The topics ranged from marijuana legalization and health insurance, to what Obama does in his spare time.

Hank Green said, "We're really in a weird place with legalizing marijuana."

President Obama stated, "What I am doing at the federal level is asking my Department of Justice just to examine generally how we are treating non-violent drug offenders."

The whole thing was streamed on YouTube and more than 88,000 viewers tuned in.

Glozell Green asked President Obama in her interview, "How can we bridge the gap between Black, African-American males and white cops?"

President Obama's response comes to no surprise saying, "There are still biases in our society. Studies have shown African-American males are seen as more threatening, which puts them in more vulnerable positions. A lot of the way to solve this is to improve training so people can be aware of their biases ahead of time,"

Obama has plenty of swag and is not afraid to take a selfie, but ever wonder what he'd be doing if he wasn't Commander-in-Chief?

President Obama tells Bethany Mota, "I wanted to be an architect for a long time and I suppose at the back of my mind at some point I thought playing in the NBA would be great, being a basketball player. That ended around the age of 13 when I realized I wasn't talented enough."

Catch all three interviews in their entirety on the White House's YouTube page.


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