Judge won’t throw out indictments against Rick Perry

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AUSTIN, Texas - Rick Perry is having about as much success in the courtroom out of office as he did while in office as Governor of Texas. On Tuesday, District Judge Bert Richardson refused to toss out the indictments against Perry for abuse of power.

Perry was indicted on two felony charges last year stemming from his use of political power to push Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg to resign. Lehmberg was charged with drunk driving in 2013. Prosecutors say the then Governor threatened to veto funding for a statewide unit she ran if she remained in office. She did not quit her position, and Perry vetoed the funding.

Perry's attorneys say their client acted within the limits of the law. They claim the indictments violated Perry's rights to free speech. Judge Richardson did not see it that way,, yet again.

Perry's legal team says they will appeal the decision, and hope that a third time will be the charm.

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