Argentina’s de Kirchner tweets rude remarks about Chinese during meetings in China

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BEIJING, CHINA – Here’s a question? When does humor cross the line to become racism? Hollywood sometimes has a hard time figuring out where that line is, especially with Asians. Most politicians stay completely out of that spotlight.

But not Argentina’s president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. She’s in China trying to get investments for her recession-riddled country.

So what does she do? She tweets out what some are calling a racist comment about her hosts that, when translated into English, reads: Did they come for the “lice” and “petroleum”?

De Kirchner, or someone with some good political sense, quickly tweeted sort of an apology, saying things in china are so excessively ridiculous and absurd, they can only be digested with humor.

Notice she hasn’t made any rude Russian jokes about Russia’s prince Vladimir Putin. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t make fun of people with autism.

USA Today is reporting that it got a hold of a 2008 Pentagon study that theorizes Putin has Asperger’s Syndrome, an autistic disorder that affects decision-making.

The think-tank that put together the report figures Putin’s neurological development was interrupted when he was a baby.

That might explain his love of little animals, and big guns, to go along with his, of course.

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