Chopping down the wrong trees and adding more tolled roads in Dallas

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DALLAS, TX - Got too many trees Dallas? Just cut some down. Only not one of the four state recognized champion trees. A 170-year-old black willow standing faithfully in White Rock Lake Park is gone thanks to some city-hired contractor destroyed it and turned it into mulch. The city says it wasn`t on the list to be cut down and intends to seek remediation from the contractor.

History seems to repeat itself in Dallas. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or DART, wants to add more cities to its routes. The driving force behind the idea is building yet another toll road. What is it with toll roads Dallas? Is it a fetish or something? The answer to every problem isn`t: 'Hey lets build a toll road.'

Finally, field sobriety tests are worth passing. Especially for a 23-year veteran with the Dallas Police Department. Senior Corporal Doreen Sotelo-Celedon, arrested for DWI in Cedar Hill, near Dallas. She gave an inexcusably poor performance during the field sobriety test. Don't cops get extra practice?

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