Houston makes the list of top nightlife destinations in the world

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HOUSTON, Tx. - National Geographic is the best at catching life in the wild. But now they`re also putting out lists online about the wild nightlife of city dwellers. The nature magazine singled out the 10 best party spots across the globe.

Ibiza, Dublin, and San Juan all made the list. That`s to be expected, but out of all the cities in America, they picked only one and that one was Houston!!! That's a huge deal for the Bayou City as it comes in ranked number eight.

Houston has made a great effort recently to become more than “stetson and spurs” as the article put it. If we keep on this track, then maybe no one will question the next time we beat out Miami, New York and even Vegas on a list like this.

National Geographic Top 10 nightlife destinations:

  1. Dublin, Ireland
  2. Belgrade, Serbia
  3. La Paz, Bolivia
  4. São Paulo, Brazil
  5. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  6. Goa, India
  7. Ibiza, Spain
  8. Houston, Texas
  9. Thessaloniki, Greece
  10. Baku, Azerbaijan
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