How is your ability to focus?

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Grego sounds off on focus and the debate over whether or not ADHD or ADD are real conditions or convenient excuses.

"How is your ability to focus?  Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and 'ADD' are rampant! Yes, there's a debate over if it's a real condition or not but I tend to believe it. Life moves a lot faster than it used to and these things are constantly bugging us to answer texts, take calls and manage multiple social 'networks' to connect, which ironically can leave us more disconnected with what's going on around us! Hey, I wonder if Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle busted with weed Tuesday in Kansas or Green Bay's defensive tackle Letroy Guion nabbed in Florida with 357 grams of what I'm sure was premium grade hydroponic bud, also, on Tuesday used 'ADD' as a "defense." Marijuana is rumored to help control it, but that's for another time.  See even I'm doing it! Focus... this is about focus and what happens when you lose it!  Distracted driving...crash! You're throwing around weights in the gym, a momentary daydream in spandex over there and ouch! I moved wrong and tweaked my back! At work, chit-chat, interruptions, pressure, can all take away your focus and oh no I''m going to miss the deadline!!! Controlling anxiety, making the choice of whether to let a potential distraction hijack your attention and taking short breaks between tasks are suggested ways to train yourself to better focus.  and it works!  The big one for me - when I tackled anxiety - almost overnight, my memory improved and that made life easier. So, hey over here, focus on focus and ADD it to your ever-increasing mad skills!"


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