Scientists find a way to unboil a boiled egg

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IRVINE, CA - Some egg-head scientists over at the University of California, Irvine claim they can take a hard-cooked egg and return it back to its liquid, un-boiled state. But why on Earth are countless numbers of bucks being spent un-boiling an already boiled egg?

You see, hard-cooking causes strands of egg proteins to become all knotted together. And jumbled-up proteins of any kind (not just from eggs), are a major problem plaguing scientists for many years. So understanding how these egg proteins get "bent out of shape" during boiling, and then reversing the process, can help researchers straighten-up other, more important proteins like antibodies. Antibodies, that can one day further cancer research.

The process of turning a boiled egg from a solid, back into liquid, holds the promise of lowering the production cost of cancer drugs and other expensive medication. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is no yoke!

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