Can your car be hacked?

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HOUSTON, Texas --A new government report is warning about new cars being hacked. In the report, the security of your car's Wi-Fi could turn your car's computer system over to a cyber-attacker, while you're in it.

"Not only a possibility, it`s a proven event. Hackers have hacked into cars, the government has written grants for them to figure out how to do it, and demonstrate it. It`s been demonstrated numerous times," explained Dr. Art Conklin of the UH College of Technology.

Yes, hackers can do anything from unlocking car doors, to rendering brakes useless, and even taking over steering in some cars. Technology in cars is nice to have, but it's not without risk.

"Ultimately it gives a pathway to the computers that control your car," added Conklin.

Some lawmakers are calling for new security rating systems. But are car manufacturers doing enough to protect the safety in these new vehicles?

"I don`t think we know how seriously car manufacturers are taking this because they`ve been pretty much silent and mum on the issue. I know that the car industry has demonstrated less than stellar response to known engineering issues," said Conklin.

Though it`s nearly impossible to buy a car these days without computers controlling various systems, it might leave you wondering, is the person texting in the car next to you about to slam on your brakes for you?

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