Going nutty over coconuts

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There’s more to coconuts than just something to put your drink in, or to wear at the beach or the pool. And speaking of that, there are other uses for coconut oil than just helping you get a nice, golden tan.

Coconut oil is making a comeback as an all-around beneficial product for what ails you, and for what keeps you from ailing.

That’s despite the fact that neither the American Heart Association nor the US government’s food police won’t say if coconut oil is any better, or worse, for us than other saturated fats.

The big concern among health nuts is that coconuts have too much saturated fat, which can raise cholesterol levels, thereby increasing the risk for heart disease.

Food companies put coconut oil in processed foods because it provides a crisp texture at a cheaper cost.

That’s why you’ll see it used in cereals, baked goods, biscuits, and snacks.

Coconut oil is also in soaps, cosmetics, and moisturizers because it absorbs into the skin to work whatever magic it might have. Some folks use straight coconut oil on their skin and hair.

And vegans go nuts over coconuts because they say they’d rather get their saturated fats from a plant than from a dead animal.

In fact, there’s 101 uses for coconuts, maybe more. But don’t try eating the whole coconut, shell and all. Just some food for thought.

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