Life is “ruff” for Border Collie mix puppy

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HOUSTON, Tx - Meet Luann, a four-month-old Border Collie mix whose short life has already been “ruff.”

“Luann came to us on our 24-hour rescue ambulance. She was limping and when she came in, they did some x-rays and found that she had an injury and needed some surgery,” says the Houston SPCA's Lisa Rotter.

Houston SPCA Veterinarian, Dr. Amy Crum explained Luann's x-ray saying, “She does have a break. She has a fractured femur, right here. So this is how a normal femur looks and you can see the head of this femur is knocked off. So with that fracture we were able to perform surgery and just remove that femoral head and that will make her just a lot more comfortable long-term.”

The surgery might sound “ruff” but keeping Luann calm and quiet for 4-6 weeks so her leg can heal, will probably be “ruff-er.”

Rotter says, "Once she recovers she’s going to be a typical 4-month-old puppy with a lot of energy, who’s going to need training, affection and exercise.”

Luann’s looking for her “fur-ever” family that’ll love and cherish her. Hey, maybe that could be you. Think you could own a dog that`s had a “ruff life?” Then get more info on Luann and all the other dogs at the Houston SPCA.